Good Food Stellar’s tokenization allows us to build, maintain, optimize and contribute to more knowledge on nutrition and health.

We have forgotten what food really is, how we can grow it ourselves and what it does to our bodies. No more food from packages with all the added junk that harms our body and makes us sick. Everything depends on knowledge.

This project is a collaboration with a larger, now more well-known project on the Stellar Network. More details may follow soon. We are not the type of project that quickly pulls out all invested XLM for entirely our own use. As growth continues and the number of investors increases, we will bring liquidity back into the project allowing you as an investor to sell with peace of mind if you wish at some point.

The goal is to use a portion of the profits made for projects that wish to grow healthy food in their own community, not for profit but for independence, and need a start-up investment to do so. The ultimate goal is to actually be able to use the tokens to purchase the food itself. Without intervention of fiat money and banks.

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